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Our textile control is your guarantee

Professionalism technology timeliness

Strength of our service is the maximum care during inspection in order to grant the best quality to your customers.

operator performs textile inspection and darns the fabric
Operator performs textile inspection, mends and dusts the fabric
operator performs textile inspection using a lens and pliers

Accurate controls guarantee the highest textile quality to your customers, thanks to the efficiency of your team operates at our headquarters and also in the production sites. Our textile control is entirely traceable, using advanced technologies.

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Fabric inspection

Cnet can follow up your merchandise during every step of production process ensuring the conformity of fabric according to your requirements. We also intervene with repairs such as mending or handloom.
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Finished garments inspection

We are specialized in checking finished garments, both in fabric and knitwear, which are carried out by our employees with the help of cutting-edge tools that allow us to carry out accurate inspections.
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Certified quality control

Our textile control procedures are certified by TUV, to ensure the highest quality, reliability and efficiency of the work we do.

Your products reflect your company. Please contact us to find out our best offer to meet your needs.

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