Fabric inspection during all its individual processing phases

With this modus operandi: fabric inspection during every step of the finishing process, we do not wait for those pieces to be delivered already finished to our warehouse to be unrolled for inspection and then rolled again for the shipment.

It is our personnel who follow with the manufacturer and plan with the refinements the progress of the work in compliance with the required deliveries.

It is our personnel, with our highly selected and highly specialized operator in fabric mending and weaving, who go where the pieces are being finished and control them during all stages of progress.

We inspect the fabric until the last step on the mirror, for its mapping, once rolled up, it is then ready for being returned and delivered directly to the customer without having to incur the additional costs, in time and money, for transportation from the finishing plant to the inspection plants and from here back again either to the producer or his forwarders.

Fabric control machine

We carry out checks in the course of the finishing process which guarantee a deeper knowledge of every single piece of textile.

Liquids for fabric color control

We check designs and colors, weight and usable width and perform all the physical and chemical tests in conformity to the customer’s need and as eventually required by customs entry regulations into the various import countries for the finished product.

Check fabric on mirror with pliers

Saving time and cost of the service

Our fluid way of working is contrasted with the old static system of the various textile control companies, who have not seen the pieces until they have been finished and rolled up, withdrawn or delivered at the outer warehouse, where they are held pending their turn and then repositioned on a control mirror and visually inspected for defects and other tests.

We have completed all of these controls while processing the workpiece, saving time and cost, which, as is logical to assume, is then reflected on the final cost of the service.

Wrapped fabric rollers

TÜV quality certification

In order to ensure the maintenance of high quality standards that have always characterised the way we meet customer expectations, we have developed a management system that conforms to the standards of service control and quality control, positively passed the iter of Certification and obtained the TÜV certification brand.

TUV brand for fabric quality certification