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Fluid and dynamic quality control

From the raw fabric
to the finished fabric.
Quality checking can be effected either in our location or in different production plants.

Quality report on every greige piece

Our greige goods inspection service can immediately provide an accurate quality report on every single greige piece.

Recurring defects in raw fabric:

Missing or double warp treads
Missing or double weft threads
Presence of knots
Slubs or thicker yarn
Tangles of weft threads
Iregular side weft shrinkage
Weaving marks
Loose or overly close weft threads
Drawing-in faults
Missing stitches
Weave pattern check
Colour correspndence check on warp and weft yarns
Warp and weft thread slippage
Vertical warp marks

Quality check during finishing process

We follow every single piece in the succession of the various dyeing and finishing steps, taking care of any mending and defects.

We monitor every single piece

Every single piece is one last time fully checked on a fabric inspection machine before rolling for delivery, to verify the correspondence of all reported faults.
Light faults
Medium faults
Heavy and recurring faults
fabric control trend data
We follow the progress of production by providing you with advanced technologies and an online computer system for fabric control, in real time.
Our certified procedures allow us to carry out accurate checks along all stages of product processingwith the possibility of intervening in real time about any defects.

Get in touch with us and learn more about our fabric quality control.

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