Color matching response

Fabric measurement

Electronic fabric color control

Fabric mending with clamps

Accurate controls during the advancement of the fabric

We make all the physical and chemical controls required by the customer in accordance with their requirements and / or as required by the regulations of the various importing countries of the final product: clothing, childhood clothing and furnishings.

We control the height and weight, color matching at spectrophotometer, change in color between centre to selvedge with continuity color-card for each color lot, shrinkage test at the Hoffman press, plus all additional test that can be required in conformity to specific needs.

Fabric mapping chart

Fabric mapping

At the end of finishing process and before being rolled out for delivery, each single piece is inspected for a last time on the special calibrated inspection machine, to verify the correspondence of all reported defects (light, medium, big and continuous) and all the tests carried out.

The total length and useful length is determined by net bonuses and a full report sheet is printed out with a map of defects that will accompany the piece up to the cutting table.