The birth of Controlnet

Textile finishing company since 1978, already in the first year we did create, within the same, our mending department for gray good and quality inspection in the course of finishing process for a more complete service to our clientele of small and medium sized companies.

Mending and inspection departments which were subsequently separated from the parent company to provide a third party impartial relationship between the producers and the finishing plant, that’s how Controlnet was born.

The network specializing in fabric inspection

ControlNet is now a group of four companies with well over 100 employees and the network contract allow the four companies to operate in concert to achieve the common goal of certified quality with the union of experiences, synergies and the exchange of personnel as and when special situations require it.

ControlNet assumes, in this context, the role of leading company organising the service to smoothly operate in a fluid and dynamic way by moving the personnel directly to the various finishing plants where all pieces are inspected from the gray stage, mended when possible and inspected through all different phases of the dyeing, printing and finishing process.