fabric quality certification

We certify the fabric with innovative speculas

All our textile machinery have an electronic bar to represent graphically the fabric width difference, caused by the ramose machine.
specule for fabric control

We check the tension of the fabric electronically

We are able to put the operator in an optimal condition to check the fabric. We can work in light box mode and use compactness voltages according to the customer's requests.

Quality certification of delicate fabrics

All our textile machinery can roll in any part of fabric, on the front side or back. This is an operation essential for delicate fabrics in particular velvet.

Quality control and certification in velvet fabrics

We have developed the dragging cylinders of the specula and the rolling system so that the pile of the velvet fabric is not pressed and maintains its softness and quality.

Quality certification of knitted fabrics

We can certify the exact measurement of knitted fabrics or two-way stretch fabrics with great measurement difficulty.

Real-time fabric inspection

The job performed by our textile machinery can be checked in real time. You can communicate with our software and download or print the necessary documents.
software connection for fabric control
We guarantee the execution of the quality certification service within 48 hours of receipt.

TÜV quality certification 

controlnet fabric certification band
Each piece checked comes accompanied by a mark with the progressive control number printed on it with relative TÜV brand mapping.
brand tuv iso 9001Download the certificate
Only products bearing the certification references comply with the GRS standard. These products are to be considered compliant with a transition certificate (TC).
Download the certificate

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