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Textile services and professionalism.

Not just fabric quality control

To meet the needs of our customers we offer a variety of textile services performed with care and professionalism.
We are focused on what the market demands and we offer concrete answers to improve your business.

Logistics and Storage Facilities

In our warehouses we can store your materials until delivery, even at third-party facilities, making sure that delivery and any production steps take place within the established times and tracking the various movements.

Preparation of Collections and Fabric Samples

We are able to prepare and supply collections and colour cards either to customer's office or to our location, following all construction indications you provide. We can warrant our customers the maximum privacy throughout the whole operative process.
operator with color chart for fabric samplesoperator with color chart for fabric samples

Mending and Handloom

He's one of ours strengths, a service that we carry out thanks to the use of highly specialized personnel.

We are able to correct fabric defects intervening with high quality mending and handloom: for us, the fabric has no secrets.

Physical and Chemical Testing

We carry out any physical and chemical test on fabrics, internally or externally the company, collaborating with an important textile analysis laboratory who takes and delivers the samples daily.
Usable width and weight check
Colour match check under Spectrophotometer
Shade bands for centre-selvedge to check colour differences along the roll. This is effected with continuity-card on every single dye-batch.
Shrinkage test on Hoffmann press
Any additional tests for specific requirements.

Get in touch with us and learn more about our fabric quality control.

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